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"Os Batismos da Meia-Noite", my last project, is exhibited in Encontros da Imagem festival.
joan alvado
Sep 19, 2022
Os Batismos da Meia-Noite is my latest work, and is the result of the artistic residence I did in the North of Portugal last winter.
Now the resultant project is exhibited in Braga: in the gallery of the Forum das Artes, inside the great Encontros da Imagem festival.  

The show is curated by the architecture and land-art studio Fahr021.3, to whom I'm very grateful for inviting me and accompanying me during all the residence process.

The exhibition can be visited in Forum das Artes until 27.11.2022.

Joan Alvado Photography

Joan Alvado is a documentary photographer based in Barcelona. His works have been published in Newsweek, NYT, CNN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Der Spiegel, El Pais, LA Reppublica, VICE, among others.
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