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Visages d'Europe, collective exhibition in Paris
joan alvado
May 13, 2021
I'm very happy that "The Last Man on Earth" is currently exhibited in Paris... again!
As a part of the collective show "Visages d'Europe", organized by Collectif Fetart and EUNIC.

The photos will be in open spaces, at Grilles du Square de la Tour Saint-Jacques from 30th of April till 19th of May 2021 and at l'Hotel de Ville from 7th of May till 16th of May 2021.

With 19 photographers from 15 european nationalities:

 Marianne & Katarzyna Wasowska (POLOGNE) Joan Alvado (ESPAGNE) Sirli Raitma (ESTONIE) Martin Atanasov (BULGARIE) Enda Bowe (IRLANDE) Maja Daniels (SUÈDE) Martin Essl (AUTRICHE) Sébastien Cuvelier (LUXEMBOURG) Stane Jeršiā (SLOVÉNIE) Irene Fenara (ITALIE) Laima Arlauskaitā— (LITUANIE) Tatiana Takáāová (SLOVAQUIE) Mous Lamrabat (BELGIQUE) Sofia Yala Rodrigues (PORTUGAL) Masha Svyatogor (BÉLARUS) Ihar Hancharuk (BÉLARUS) Maxim Sarychau (BÉLARUS) Pavel Grabchikov (BÉLARUS)

With the support of Ambassade d’Estonie; Ambassade de Lituanie; Ambassade de Slovénie; Centre Wallonie Bruxelles; Centre Culturel Irlandais; Forum Culturel Autrichien; Institut Culturel Bulgare; Institut Slovaque; Institut Polonais; Institut suédois; Camões – Centre culturel portugais; Instituto Cervantes; Istituto Italiano di Cultura; Mission Culturelle du Luxembourg en France.
Visage(s) d'Europe 2021
Visage(s) d’Europe EXPOSITION PHOTOGRAPHIQUE GRILLES DU SQUARE DE LA TOUR SAINT-JACQUES DU 30 AVRIL AU 19 MAI 2021 ET PARVIS DE L’HOTEL DE VILLE DU 7 MAI AU 16 MAI 2021 Avec la participation de : Marianne & Katarzyna Wasowska (POLOGNE) Joan Alvado...

Joan Alvado Photography

Joan Alvado is a documentary photographer based in Barcelona. His works have been published in Newsweek, NYT, CNN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Der Spiegel, El Pais, LA Reppublica, VICE, among others.
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